Alexandria Cairelli, BA


Alexandria Cairelli is the Administrative Assistant for Life & Wellness Counseling and Consulting, PLLC. Allie, as she likes to be called, received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Appalachian State University in 2016. Before joining Life & Wellness, she worked with Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners in Denver, Colorado, as a Peer Support Specialist & Resource Directory Specialist. Allie also has experience in Office Management for counseling offices and intake coordination in the Mooresville area. Throughout her career, Allie has learned valuable communication and administrative skills through direct interaction.  She was the first point of contact for new and returning clients alike, as well as community liaisons who wanted to know more about mental health services, and she always welcomed them with warmth and enthusiasm.  While working on the peer line in Colorado, Allie helped support callers all over the state to cope with their mental health challenges by sharing her lived experience.  Allie’s experience has equipped her with an eagerness to provide excellent service and support, focus and organizational skills, and a dedication to serve clients’ needs.

Allie is passionate about mental health advocacy and finds inspiration in shared experiences of recovery and wellness practices.  She is energized by helping people “break down stigma” and find strength in asking for help.  She hopes to continue her career in mental health by pursuing a master’s degree and becoming a therapist herself.  She looks forward to sharing in clients' recovery journeys by recognizing their bravery to seek out support.  To maintain her own wellness, Allie enjoys practicing mindfulness, journaling, and listening to her favorite artist, David Bowie.
Allie is friendly and outgoing, and values clear, respectful communication.  Her desire to connect with individuals has helped her learn that every person and every interaction is unique and energizing in its own way. As Allie continues to grow and learn in the field of mental health, she hopes to even further develop her skills of communication, organization, and her passion to make a difference in the lives of anyone she meets with respect and kindness.

“Being a peer has taught me that if I really want to hear someone when they speak or tell me their story, I need to mindfully hold space for their thoughts and feelings, and in that way, we can create amazing opportunities for mutual understanding and shared connection that goes deeper than the surface.  What I love most about working in a therapeutic environment is that often times, when the world is scary, having that space to be heard can make all the difference to anyone asking for support, and you can see what that does for people.  I'm happy to be part of that whenever I can.”

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