Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need therapy?

        -Therapy is for people who want to improve their lives and/or relationships by              changing their behaviors and interactions. Therapy gives you the support you              need to explore different options and teaches you effective techniques to manage          challenges and difficulties.


  • Can I afford therapy?

         -Life & wellness offers several different affordable payment options. We accept                 multiple insurance providers, as well as out-of-network and self pay clients.

  • Does going to therapy mean I'm crazy?

            -Receiving support from a therapist to treat a mental illness is very similar to                    receiving support from a doctor to treat a medical illness. Therapy is about                    finding balance and becoming healthy, not labeling. 

  • Will my therapist understand me?

         -At Life & Wellness, our therapists are empathetic and understanding to the                   challenges of all walks of life. We do not judge, we support you during your                 time of need and validate your feelings and experiences. 

  • Will I have to take medicine?

         -Our therapist do not prescribe medication and believe in the client's right to                 choose whether or not they would like to try medication. Whether or not to                   begin a medication regimen should be discussed with your primary care                       physician and Life & Wellness encourages all clients to follow the medical                     recommendations of their doctor.

  • How long does therapy last?

        -Therapy has no specific time frame because every therapist employs a                             unique treatment style and the work done with each individual is different. The           therapists at Life & Wellness discuss with clients, throughout the treatment                   process, their progress towards their goals, any additional recommendations for           treatment, and always discuss with the client how their needs for support                     change. 

  • Will people find out that I'm in therapy?

         -Therapist are legally and ethically required to maintain confidentiality unless a             third party payer is involved, such as an employer or insurance provider. One               of the major benefits of choosing not to rely on employer or insurance                             reimbursement, is that the treatment you receive from your therapist is not                   reported to or governed by an outside party.


  •  What should I expect during the first session?

         -Your initial session is an opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know              each other and discuss a course for your treatment. You will be asked to                        complete a few intake forms in the waiting area and once you are seated in the              office, your therapist will collect some medical and mental health information              from you. Therapy requires multiple visits and the first visit will be less                          therapeutic in nature.

  • Is going to therapy a sign of weakness?

         -Exploring difficult emotions takes an immense amount of courage and inner                 strength. Going to therapy demonstrates your willingness to understand                       yourself and your determination to overcome your challenges.

  • Will going to therapy conflict with my personal beliefs and values?

         -Life & Wellness believes that God is the source of meaning and healing in our               lives and that exploring spiritual beliefs is a part of being human. We                             understand that there may often be a struggle to comprehend how our faith has           shaped our experiences as well as how our experiences have shaped our faith.               Although we are Christian, all spiritual practices are welcomed. 

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