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Misconceptions Surrounding Counseling/Therapy


Welcome to the blog published by Life & Wellness Counseling and Consulting. We are so excited that you are on a journey towards developing and transitioning yourself into a better "you"! Thank you for allowing us to help you along your journey.

Our therapists often work with clients who are somewhat hesitant about engaging in therapy. So, what's stopping you from experiencing the joys of counseling/therapy? One of the most common misconceptions about therapy is that you have to be "crazy" to have a therapist.


Therapy is for ANYONE. We all need a nonjudgmental person to talk to sometimes. Whether you are having a bad day or facing more extreme challenges in life, you can definitely benefit from talking to someone who will not stand in judgment and listen with an objective ear. Here are some reasons why you should talk to a therapist rather than a "friend".

Another common misconception is that therapy makes things WORSE.


In reality, therapists and counselors are trained to employ compassion when working with their clients. Even though some clients may be encouraged to discuss topics that might be painful, therapists/counselors can guide you through the experience so that you feel safe and supported.

Now, the million dollar question: Can therapy help ME?

  • Are there things about myself or my relationships that I would like to change?

  • Do I sometimes feel like no one understands me?

  • Have I had experiences that I can’t talk about with my family or friends?

  • Did I recently go through a difficult change or an overwhelming loss?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, therapy/counseling can be a benefit!!!

Need more information about misconceptions surrounding counseling/therapy?

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