Amber Burrell, MA


Amber is an Intern through Liberty University, where she will graduate with her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling in 2020. Additionally, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wayne State University in 2006.  Amber has experience working with youth and families, and volunteering in an Equine Assisted Therapy setting. She encouraged growth and family bonding, facilitated breakthroughs for troubled youth, and worked to move individuals toward self-empowerment.  Amber has worked with a wide range of age groups as a vocational coach where she helped others move through the transition of obtaining employment. She also worked closely with people with varying disabilities to help them become active, more confident members of society. 

At an early age, Amber was drawn to helping build a better future for those around her. This is in part, since she watched her mother help families make healthy transitions. She is a strong advocate for holistic health and follows much of the principles laid out by the holistic-centered dynamic. Amber believes in the foundation of Adlerian therapy and its relation to the unity of personality and people being understood as integrated and complete beings. She takes a keen interest in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which promotes unconditional self-acceptance. 


“When life is seen as a journey, we can appreciate that life is constantly evolving, and we can continue to change and grow.  My hope is to provide clients with a space where body, mind and spirit can find healing, peace and true inner joy for their unique path.”

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