Individual Therapy

Do you need someone to talk to? Are you going through a difficult situation?

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to children, adolescents and adults who experience difficulty managing life stressors created by work, school, family/personal relationships, loss/grief and other life occurrences. Individual therapy can be helpful to people who experience depression and other changes in mood, anxiety, trauma, and behavioral issues.


Individual counseling can help individuals to:

  • Develop and apply effective communication and social skills within personal and professional interactions

  • Correctly label and express thoughts and feelings and utilize positive techniques to help manage those feelings appropriately

  • Increase self-worth and achieve personal goals through exploration of personal values and priorities


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Trauma Recovery

Trauma recovery therapy focuses on helping victims manage feelings and emotional symptoms and process thoughts and behaviors related to personal experiences of sexual abuse/rape, domestic violence/physical abuse, prostitution/human trafficking, and incest. Through this therapy, survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse will find empathy and compassion from therapists who have had years of experience servicing this particular population.


Trauma recovery can help individuals to:

  • Identify triggers associated with the trauma, and develop and apply effective coping skills, in order to reduce symptoms of trauma

  • Develop an acceptance of personal feelings and master methods developing meaningful relationships 

  • Increase self-worth and achieve personal goals through exploration of personal values and priorities

  • Establish methods for effectively increasing trust, love, and balancing healthy relationships 


Family Therapy

Family therapy is for those families who seek to gain a sense of community and strengthen relationships within the family unit. Therapy can help families who experience difficulties related to divorce/separation, parenting issues and parent/child relationships, family blending by marriage, and other life cycle changes.


Family therapy can help families to:

  • Establish trust and reliance

  • Express difficult thoughts and emotions safely

  • Understand each other’s experiences and perspectives

  • Exploring family roles

  • Build a structure within the family unit that is both supportive and sensitive to the needs of each member


Marriage/Relationship Counseling

Marital/relationship therapy is for couples who would like rekindle connectedness, rebuild the bonds of friendship, and establish an egalitarian focus for an ongoing partnership. Marriage/relationship therapy can help couples to identify and remove barriers that contribute to miscommunication and conflict, lack of intimacy, and past or recent infidelity in their relationship.


Marital/relationship therapy can help couples to:

  • Resolve disagreements amicably

  • Increase understanding and compassion

  • Learn healthier ways to interact and relate

  • Become more open about personal wants and responsive needs

  • Promote confidence and validate vulnerability

  • Cultivate an environment of respect, trust, and acceptance


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