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Olivia Wiggins, B.S. Administrative Services Coor.

Olivia Chisholm, A.A.

Olivia Wiggins is the Administrative Services Coordinator for Life & Wellness Counseling and Consulting, PLLC. Olivia received her Associate's Degree in Liberals Arts from Central Piedmont Community College in 2011 and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from North Carolina Central University in 2021. Before joining Life & Wellness, Olivia worked with Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta, GA where she was Office Administrator/Receptionist for the Regional Administration Office in Buckhead. Olivia has worked hands-on with the C-Suite Executive Assistants where she organized events and worked with guests. She also assisted the HR department with data entry tasks, provided support in meeting daily, weekly, and monthly deadlines for events, and other consumer-focused interactions. While there, Olivia managed inbound phone calls and inquires as well as coordinated the scheduling of employee/client meetings and conferences. With experience in being the first point of contact for employees, guests, and visitors, Olivia is welcoming in her greeting, brings warmth to the overall environment, and contributes a wealth of knowledge related to client care and consumer support.

In 2012, Olivia worked in a television studio as an on-camera contestant for the musically based TV show, Duets, that aired on ABC from May to July. During that time, the well-known singer/songwriter and record producer, Robin Thicke, served as her mentor and the duo gave its final appearance as one of the top 5 duos. She favors numerous iconic artists/singers and loves singers “who can actually sing, have a story to tell, and are great performers and creators/artists”. Olivia also finds inspiration in gospel music and in her spare time enjoys reading self-help books that inspire cognitive and emotional growth.

Olivia enjoys meeting new people and ensures that she is open and available to learn about and learn from everyone she interacts with. Her appreciation of knowledge and growth from experience resonates throughout her appreciation of the uniqueness of every individual. With a passion for helping people combined with the creative arts, Olivia strives to make a difference in the lives of others, one smile, one conversation, one song, and one hug at a time.

“You never know what you can learn from people in general because everyone has a story, a journey and it may be similar to yours. It all starts with a simple hello and being open to conversation and seeing where it will take you because life is beautiful.”


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